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Nikko Jones

Start-Up Builder • Marketing-Tech Entrepreneur • Helping & Training New Founders, Managers & Marketers

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs get on top of their businesses with digital marketing & tech so they can achieve their goals 10x faster without burning out. I also lead marketing-tech no-code business start-up training for non-techy CEOs, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs

Recognized By Top CEOs of Global Companies

4+ years of expertise in marketing & tech (martech) | served 10 industries & 21 global companies

Derryc Winston | CEO, OwlEats

I could trust Nikko Jones to manage my company. I’d highly recommend NJ to anyone. On top of all that, NJ is a trustworthy man, and I am very proud to call him a friend who has not only helped me in business but has also been there for me. So, anyone who is thinking about working with NJ, please do it. It is an excellent choice. Thank you.

Gi Gi O'Brien | CEO, Global Intelligence Initiative Media

The magic you bring, care, interest and reliablity is truly amazing …

Anne Fiedz | CEO, Modern Mozart Academy

Nikko has been the backbone of my business. He replies to my concerns and questions right away and provides excellent advice to improve my company. Indeed, it’s definitely a joy working with him

Dennis Refulgente | CEO, TeleConvrt Marketing Services

Nikko is an integral part of my company. From brand planning to implementation, systems and operations, he has done it all

Chase Claire A. | CEO, Chase Elite Salesforce, Inc.

Working with NJ Mendoza was exceptional! He is very knowledgeable on how to break the barriers from the norms to Automation and Design. Very professional to deal with. Highly recommended!

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Run Your Business Sustainably

Achieve Work-life Balance

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A playbook for non-techy founders to create a PASSIVE BUSINESS EMPIRE that runs and sells itself in this techy business world

After working with CEOs as a sales, marketing & tech specialist for multiple years and co-founding my own agency, I noticed how messy is to launch & scale your online business. As a non-techy CEO, this book will teach you how to build, launch & scale your online business like how Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Dove & other companies did it. Enter your name & email to get your FREE copy right away.

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@withnikko How do you start working and earning remotely? Simple answer: learn marketing & tech. Dive into my free course where I’ll teach you how you can do it and succeed, for FREE! Stay tuned! #marketingandtech #remotework #virtualassistant #freelancer #marketing #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #withnikko ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
@withnikko Here are productivity hacks for people who work from home: 1. Establish a designated workspace: Create a separate area in your home specifically for work. This helps set boundaries and signals to your brain that it's time to focus. 2. Stick to a routine: Set consistent work hours and follow a daily schedule. Having a structured routine can enhance productivity and create a sense of normalcy. 3. Minimize distractions: Identify potential distractions in your environment and take steps to minimize them. This might involve turning off notifications, closing unnecessary tabs, or using noise-cancelling headphones. 4. Use productivity tools: Explore various apps and tools designed to enhance productivity, such as project management software, time-tracking apps, or noise-masking apps. 5. Take regular breaks: Breaks are crucial for maintaining productivity and preventing burnout. Schedule short breaks throughout the day to rest, stretch, or engage in a quick physical activity. #marketingandtech #remotework #virtualassistant #freelancer #marketing #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #withnikko ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic
@withnikko And I’m back after a long time! Now I’m experimenting with AI! Tip: AI won’t replace your job, it will enhance it. Watch out for my videos on using AI for your freelancer career or business 🔥☄️🤖 #marketingandtech #virtualassistant #webdesigner #articialintelligence #digitalmarketer #tech #entrepreneur #solopreneur #freelancer ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version - sped up 8282
@withnikko Getting a tech or marketing related freelance job that gives you time and location freedom and flexibility without a degree or experience might take time, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Good thing there’s this 5-step hack that could help you out! #marketingandtech #remotework #virtualassistant #freelancer #marketing #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #withnikko ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) - SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

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